Day 11 – The Outer Banks

From mountain tops to the ocean coast. Today's adventure is truly different from the mountain riding that we have enjoyed the past week. We will be traveling the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks is a 200-mile long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. We will be driving a narrow strip of land miles out into the ocean!

Our route first takes us to Cedar Island were we take a ferry to Ocracoke island. After driving the length of this island, approximately 15 miles, we take another ferry to Cape Hatterras, from there we finish our outer banks ride and hard to our final destination of Elisabeth City.


On our way from Morehead City to the Cedar Island ferry. Salt water marshes in the morning sun.
Cedar Island ferry is quite remote.
Waiting for the Cedar Island ferry to Ocracoke Island. The ride is quite long, about 2 and 1/2 hours long.
We were the only motorcycle on board this morning. Last vehicle to load, they put us directly in the center of the ferry, for better stability I presume – no tie downs!
During the ferry ride we sail through a group of shrimp boats.
45 minutes before we arrive in Ocracoke it looks like a storm is waiting for us. Fortunately the storm had moved over the island before we arrived.


Our second ferry ride was from Ocracoke Island to Cape Hatterras. This was a one hour long trip. Today we spent nearly as much time on ferries as we did on the bike. Deb with our bike and some fellow Harley riders that we met.

Cape Hatterras has some huge beach houses (as we pulled into dock).


Riding along on the Outer Banks.


The first thing this morning before we departed Alantic Beach, I inspected the rear tire for the slow leak. Yep, I found the culprit, a nail in the tire. All day I kept checking the tire, adding air to it when needed. I figured that we could find a fix for it after coming off the Outer Banks. Shortly after coming off the Outer Banks we passed by a Harley Davidson dealer. We stopped by thinking that they might have a tire patch kit. Nope, no luck, they didn't carry them. But they did recommend a motorcycle shop a few miles down the road. We stopped in at First Flight Motorcycle. It was very late it the day but they were able to fix the tire! Praise God! And thank you First Flight Motorcycle. We are all smiles below.

  1. First Flight Motorcycle

    8291 Caratoke Hwy, Powells Point, NC 27966





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