Day 10 – Up the Coast to Atlantic Beach

This day's adventure takes us from Charleston to Morehead City, or to be more correct Atlantic Beach. After packing up the bike, we were able to get on the road just after 9 am. Weather looks like we could encounter some storms. Our destination is the Caribbe Inn (motel) in Atlantic Beach.

The day before, I suspected that the bike's rear wheel tire was leaking air. I checked again this morning, and yes, it's leaking. Now to figure out how fast. We stop to get gas, I fill the tire up to it recommended 42 psi. Will check on it throughout the day.


The morning ride was in the 80’s, but humidity was near 100%. Here we stop for a break after an hour and a half of riding.


We wanted to hug the coast as much as possible, but when we got to Myrtle Beach, traffic was horrible, the temps had risen, slow stop and go riding, very uncomfortable. We decide to hit the bypass highway.

North of Myrtle Beach the skies are dark ahead, looks like we might hit some rain. After awhile, we decide to don our rain gear – before it starts raining (this time). We have to wait for 20 minutes or so before the skies open up. For the next hour and a half we ride in the rain. About an hour into the rain we did stop at a McDonalds for a break from it. We meet another biker, doing the same, form Georgia and chat awhile. Always stories to tell when you are on the road. Just prior to reaching Jacksonville, the rain lets up.

The extra rain gear that we picked up in Asheville, NC did the trick, we stayed dry!

Finally in the later afternoon, we arrive at our motel. This has to be the quirkiest motel we've ever stayed in. Everything was painted flamingo pink or turquoise, even inside the room with pink and turquoise sea life murals painted on the walls!

Going for a walk on the beach before dinner.



We looked online for a decent, low-priced, seafood place and found this gem. It was jammed. We got the last parking spot, all locals, we were the only tourists. When traveling it's hard not to just pick a restaurant that is a national chain, but once in a while you find a local restaurant that allows you to experience the culture of a town. This was such a place.

I had a meal of fried clams, pinto beans, hush puppies and cole slaw. It was all good, and for the humble price of $6.95. If you're ever in Morehead City check this place out, Cox Family Restaurant.


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