Day 2 – Nothing But Twisties

We stopped in Bellair, OH at a McDonalds to cool off and it happened to be across the street from the high school football field, Home of the Big Reds. I asked some elderly ladies if it was the same field from back in the fifties and they assured me it was – that would make it the same place my dad played during his high school years!


This is Tappan Lake where my grandad would take my sisters and me fishing when we visited them in Ohio.


Crossing the great Ohio River into West Virginia.


A charming scene in the hills of WV.


Another charming scene…! 😉


The twisties didn’t stop even in the towns!


Just following the snake…!


Kickin’ back, after some intense riding.  The high temps today does not make it easier, ~94 F.

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One thought on “Day 2 – Nothing But Twisties

  1. Angel

    Nice pictures auntie Deb. That’s cool that the same field is where your dad played.

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