Day 1 – Transportation, Point A to B

Sometime you have to do a little driving before the adventure begins.  Today was about getting out of Michigan and most of Ohio, transportation day .  Our route begins at home and ends up in New Philadelphia, OH.  Almost a straight line from point A to B.

Early morning, final moments of packing, making sure we haven’t forgotten anything!


Our traditional “before we leave” photo.  Not getting older – just better! 🙂


Lunch time!  We stop just outside of Toledo in Perrysburg, OH for lunch.

Gear! (The stickers on my helmet are flags from all the states and provinces it has been to – so far!).  With a brand new bike, we are still trying to figure out the bells and whistles, like fine tuning the suspension while riding.  Now we can’t live without ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment).

A short break for cooling off and replenishing fluids, not to mention our butts.. Mid 80s to near 90 kind of takes it out of you.

Ahhh! A perfect way to refresh! A pool all to ourselves! Even Dave went in!😃

Alas, it was not all transportation, and we did experience the thrill of adventure.   More to come!

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