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Ride Through Michigan Amish Country

Deb and I returned home from our 15 day adventure trip to Nova Scotia, just 2 weeks ago.  Already we were longing for another riding adventure and savoring the memories of Nova Scotia.  This Labor Day weekend we decided to take advantage of the extra day off and take a ride north through what I will call our local Amish country.

Did you know that Michigan is home to the sixth largest Amish population, approximately 11,000?  Michigan’s 86 Amish church districts are scattered over 35 settlements, from Hillsdale and Branch Counties in the south, to Mackinac County in the Upper Peninsula.  The Amish community that we visited this day is shown in the route map below (primarily contained within the square).

Our route for this trip.  Approximately 130 miles.

Amish Country Route

We woke up to this Saturday with the forecast of partly cloudy with a high in the mid 80’s, sounded like perfect riding weather. We did not have a specific route in mind when we left only that we wanted to head up Meyers Lake road, go north to Morley, MI area.

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