Day 13 – Up to Quebec!

This was a day of adventure, mishap that became a blessing. Our planned route is shown below. Destination, Cornwall, Ontario Canada. It was to be a long day with a planned 319 miles. Starting out going thru some mountains in Maine, duck back into Quebec for a while heading west. Then finally into Ontario.

Well that was the plan. But the plan went awry when I decided that I did not need to use the GPS for the first half of the day. All we had to do was head up scenic Rt. 201 north and take a left into Quebec. So we headed up Rt. 201 (which we should have turned left somewhere within the first 20 miles). After about 2 hours, I thought I should check the GPS. Well I found out that we were on the wrong route for most of the 2 hours. Whoops!

Checking the GPS to see how we could get back on track I found that there was no good way, we have to go all the way to Quebec City! This is due to the fact that the roads only run north and south up there because of the mountains. Actually Deb was thrilled, because she always wanted to see Quebec City. Below was the revised route, adding approx. 100 more miles to the originally planned miles.

Route 201, we found out is the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway. One website described it the way:

“With the road traveling along the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake and on through The Forks area, where the Dead and Kennebec Rivers converge, the traveler can experience endless scenic views of amazing waterways and spectacular mountain vistas.”

A view of lake Wyman.
Some of the mountain vistas.
A waterfall the we happened to come by.

From Rt. 201 we crossed the border back into Canada and headed to Quebec City.

Here is a little about Old Quebec City from Wikipedia:

Old Québec is a historic neighbourhood of Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec in Canada. Comprising the Upper Town and Lower Town, the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site… Most of the buildings date back to the 19th century with the construction of some dating as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries.

Here is a photo (not mine) of the old city.

This is was a beautiful, European looking city, absolutely should be on your list to visit someday. Since our day was extended due to the routing mistake, we allowed ourselves only 2 hours to visit Old Quebec City. Below our some of our photos, enjoy! Double click on any of them to get an enlarge view.


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4 thoughts on “Day 13 – Up to Quebec!

  1. So glad you both got to Quebec City. Looking at your pictures, we want to go there now in the summer! It is such a beautiful city. We need to catch up – let’s get dinner together sometime in the fall.

    • Glad to here from you. Hope you get to Quebec City this year. Plan to spend more than 2 hours there :).

  2. Dan

    Quebec City looks fantastic!

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