Day 12 – Back in the USA for One Day

Now starts the ride back home to Michigan.When I was a child the trip to Grandma’s house was always more exciting than the trip home, and so can the ride home be over multiple days, if we let it. We try to find adventure in even these return days. This day we find ourselves leaving Sussex, New Brunswick Canada heading back into the USA. Actually into Maine. Our days destination is a small motel in Skowhegan, Maine. Our route is shown in the map below.

We started with a gourmet breakfast at the Jonah Place B&B in Sussex. Our hosts were Deborah & Phil Sellars. This was one of the most elegant B&B’s that we stayed at.

The Jonah Place is also a registered historical site
This was our room for the night.
The hallway outside our room.

The weatherman was forecasting rain for the day on parts of the route. We started the morning with heavy overcast. As we mentioned before, this is not uncommon for these cities along the coast.

As we traveled south, we retraced our trip to Nova Scotia, at least to the US border. When we stopped for a morning break in St. John, NB, it looked like we were headed into rain, so we put on our rain gear. Moving thru St. John we had light rain briefly. As we got further from the coast, the sky opened up with some blue in it.

This was to be a “laundry day”, the last one. So we figured we would find something in Skowhegan at the end of the day.

Leaving the border, we headed on south west on Rt. 9, a lightly travel 2 lane highway thru the low hills of Maine with lots of sweepers (motorcycle speak for long sweeping turns). We quickly shed our rain gear shortly after crossing the border. A few hours later, in the early afternoon, we reached the outskirts of Bangor Maine. The sky was definitely getting dark and we could see rain up ahead. Back on went the rain gear. Sure enough, when we got to Bangor, it started to rain. We decided to see the town, and road to the city center. On the way thru we past a laundry place in a strip mall. What a great time to do laundry and get out of the rain.

After and hour and a half, we finished our laundry and the sun had just come out. We finished up the day in Skowhegan after a short ride from Bangor. Total miles for the day ended up at 284.

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