Day 9 – The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island

Unlike yesterday, today we woke up to the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean coming thru our window. It was a beautiful day for a scenic ride. The trip is best described in photos.

Cape Breton Island, is rated the #1 Island to visit in continental North America – Travel & Leisure Magazine. The Cabot Trail is the most scenic drive on Cape Breton, especially if you are on a motorcycle. Our ride today took us 284 miles, that's a lot of scenic riding!

Here is our route for the day. (click on the image to enlarge)

We started from Glacé Bay and headed to Englishtown where we took the ferry across St. Ann's Harbour, shown below.

Englishtown Ferry Crossing

Englishtown Ferry

On our way up to Neil's Harbour.

Neil's Harbour

The small village of Neil's Harbour

Lobster Pots

Moving up the coast further, off the beaten path…

Some photo of the west shore headed to Cheticamp…


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One thought on “Day 9 – The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island

  1. Mary

    You look so techno Mom! What is on your feet? Some sort of new techno shoe?

    I love all the pics, I know they don’t even do the scenery justice, but they are really beautiful. It looks like you guys are just driving by a bunch of puzzles!

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