The Night Before

It’s the night before we leave on our Nova Scotia trip, as we are calling it. It is really more that Nova Scotia but that’s the furthest we will travel on this adventure.

We been packing and ‘micro’ packing, checking our lists, taking anything off it that we don’t absolutely need. After a few years of taking these long motorcycle trips, we have learn that less is better when traveling a motorcycle.

Our trip route is shown below in google maps.


Why a trip to Nova Scotia? Good question, last year on our Out West Trip, we visited Arches National Park in Moab, UT. It was a warm 105 degree day in the park. We started our tour and came to our viewing first stop. At that stop met two riders who were following Hwy 50 from Michigan to California. As we talked further, we found out that each year for 30 years they have taken a motorcycle trip from Michigan either to the West coast or to the East coast following a given Hwy. So… we asked them, what was the best trip you have taken in 30 years? Both, without hesitation said the trip thru the Adirondacks in up state NY, the White Mountains of NH, up to PEI and Nova Scotia. Well you can’t argue with experience. So that is the adventure we are taking this year.


Here are the two friends we met in Arches National Park last year.

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