Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Gunnison – Mountain Ride

As you might have figured, we are writing the post 2 days late. Some of the motels we are staying at do not have solid WiFi.

This day we departed from Cortez, CO and headed for the mountians. Our ride is shown below. We are exited because of the cool temps in the mountains, a welcome break from the desert.


One of the best rides of the day was one we almost did not take due to time. I have circled it above. It is what I call the Black Canyon ride. It follows the north rim of the Black Canyon of Gunnison. Taking Hwy 92 out of Delta, CO, you follow it to Hotchkiss then head south. The ride is approximately 50 miles long, and if we passed 10 oncoming cars in the whole ride I would be surprised. Exciting twisties along a deep canyon, sharp drop offs without guard rails keep you tense and focused. We highly recommend it if you get the chance to try.

Cortez to Durango

There are currently many fires in Colorado. The state has received only 19% of typical precipitation in the past 2 years. With high temps and single digit humidity, it's like a powder keg ready to blow. In the photo below you see smoke from the Mancos fires as we passed by, just a few miles from Durango.



Durango to Silverton

We spent a short time in Durango and then headed for the mountains. The following photos are from the ride from Durango to Silverton.




Just before Silverton we stopped by Lake Andrews.




Silverton is a old mining town nestled in the Rockies. Before fully descending into town, we stopped at a turn out where these kids were out on the rocks looking at the steam engine train coming up the valley from Durango.



View of Silverton from the over look.


The main street in Silverton.


Cool photo of a rider on a Kawasaki Concours.


Million Dollar Highway, Sliverton to Ouray

The stretch from Silverton to Ouray is called the million dollar highway.










Black Canyon Ride

Here is a few photos of the Black Canyon, the ride hugs the north side of the canyon.



We finished our ride today in Gunnison, where we stayed at a very nice little motel, the Long Holiday Motel.


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5 thoughts on “Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Gunnison – Mountain Ride

  1. Christen

    These are definitely my favorite pics so far. That is some beautiful country!

  2. Mary B.

    Did you go swimming in any of that water? I’ve been thinking the whole time you were in the desert… If they only found a river they could go swimming and get the dirt from the road off of them, Dad could work on his tan (which, by the way, has cost a whole lot more than I spend on mine!), and they could be refreshed. Please tell me you went swimming! 🙂

  3. Oh…you make me want to travel!

  4. Rick & Anna

    fantastic pics. Looks like you’ve had a great time.
    Rick and Anna

  5. We loved Ouray! Let’s have dinner in the upcoming weeks – we want to hear more about your trip. We might do a similar one next year.

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