Today's goal, get across Iowa. We left from Davenport and ended up in Council Bluffs just outside of Omaha. A total of 374 miles. Almost half of that was traveling on back roads. Once we reached Des Moines, we left I-80 heading south on I-35. We exited on Hwy 92, then headed west to Council Bluffs.

We saw some signs for the Amana Colonies so took a side trip to this picturesque German settlement. It was interesting that yesterday we visited the Swedish settlement of Bishop Hill that was founded by people fleeing religious persecution and today visited a settlement founded for the same reasons only by Germans. We declare this a must see stop if you're traveling through Iowa.

What kind of riding day was it?

Record breaking temperatures in Iowa and high winds! We saw 94 degrees and a wind directly off our port side (south) gusting up to 35 – 40 mph. At times the wind felt like it sometimes does crossing the Mackinaw bridge in Michigan.

Iowa seems to have few trees (compared to Michigan), I think that blew down decades ago. The landscape is beautiful with gently rolling hills and well kept farms.

Wind and Corn

Did you know that 60% of Iowa's corn crop is converted into ethanol and Iowa generates nearly 25% of it's electrical energy from the wind?

We passed one of Iowa's largest wind farms near the city of Massena. This wind farm has 193 wind turbines.


Riding forecast for tomorrow? Higher temps forecasted above 100 and more wind. We plan an early start in the morning as early morning will provide the best riding through Nebraska.


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3 thoughts on “Iowa

  1. Ray Befus

    Sounds like fun and a good strategy. Beat the heat by riding early in the day.

    • Ray, thanks for your comments, we are having a great time. Did except the heat wave, but it looks like most of the country is getting it. The heat and wind a part of the adventure!

  2. Ray Befus

    Hot day in W MI today. Hotter tomorrow. Washed my bike tonight, thought of you and said a prayer. Be blessed in Nebraska!

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