First Day, Heat and History

It's the first day of the rest of our vacation! We've planned for months for a trip we've dreamed of for 18 years and now we're ready to go!


We got a good early start, headed out of Grand Rapids first thing in the morning. 70 degrees and no wind, beautiful riding weather.

By the time we got into Illinois about 3 hours later, it was 94 degree with a stiff SW bucking wind. We found ourselves dancing with semis in heavy traffic coming around south Chicago. About 2:30pm we arrived in Bishop Hill, IL.

Bishop Hill is a small sleepy historical town where my great grandfather immigrated to from Sweden in the 1800's. The community was originally colonized by a group who left Sweden because of religious persecution.

We visited the Bishop Hill State Historical Museum. We talked with the guide and I mention my last name. I found out that in this town you were a celebrity with a last name like mine. He said, “wait a minute, I'll be right back”. When he came back, he plopped down a large file folder that contained all sorts of documents on my family. A virtual gold mine of information, he let me photograph all that I wanted.

Bishop Hill is also small town planted in a giant field (hundreds) of wind generators.

Down town Bishop Hill

We parked on the town square underneath some large shade trees. Fortunate for us that we did, for 2 hours after we arrive, a large storm rolled in and it started to rain.

We headed out of Bishop Hill for Davenport, IA our final destination for the day.


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4 thoughts on “First Day, Heat and History

  1. marciaav

    Hope you have a wonderful time. Glad you avoided the storm 🙂

  2. Ray Befus

    Last summer we cycled in southern Indiana. The heat and wind were oppressive. The cool mountains are just up ahead!

  3. dan and mary

    Sounds like a great start! Tell dad happy fathers day!! Love you both!!!!

  4. Jefferson Simmon

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