Instructions To Self

This post is for me, some instructions to myself (or those who have never changed a head lamp bulb on an R1200RT). This might come in handy for me on this up coming trip. Let me explain…

Two years ago, on a trip around Lake Superior, about half way through the trip I noticed a new icon was showing on the bike’s trip computer display. After stopping to consult the user manual, I found that I had a head lamp out (cool feature!). No problem I thought, I’ll just stop at an auto parts store and get a bulb, which I did. Two hours later I finally figured out how to put it in! You see, getting at the head lamp of an R1200RT is difficult, changing it (especially the one on the right) is near impossible if you don’t know what you are doing. Access to the backside of the head lamp is buried up under the dash, you cannot see what you are dealing with. In this case, a picture is worth about 2 hours of wasted time.

So hear are some pics I can use in case this happens on the up coming trip.

Rightside access cover to the head lamp bulb (I removed the rightside fairing panel to get this pic). Twist access cover off.

Got to remove the connector, move it to the side.

Unlatch holding clip by squeezing down and together. Move it up out of the way. Remove bad bulb.

Put new bulb in, install holding clip, connector, then access cover.

For a good YouTube video on how to do this, click on this LINK.

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