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Our Last Day in the Mountains

Since this was to be our last day of mountains Dave created a route that took advantage of as much mountain time as possible – and man did we pack them in! Our days rides began in Gunnison and ended in Pueblo Colorado. We will break this down into 3 sections

The first section was from Gunnison to Canon City as you can see in the map below. Continue reading

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Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Gunnison – Mountain Ride

As you might have figured, we are writing the post 2 days late. Some of the motels we are staying at do not have solid WiFi.

This day we departed from Cortez, CO and headed for the mountians. Our ride is shown below. We are exited because of the cool temps in the mountains, a welcome break from the desert.

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Monument Valley and the Four Corners

Today took us from Page, AZ to Cortez, CO. Our goals were to see Monument Valley along the Utah/Arizona border, and to visit a remote tourist stop – the four corners monument where the state borders of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado come together. Also another goal, survive the heat of this desert region.

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Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

This day was made up of visiting 2 national parks, and traveling across desert in 107 degree heat to Page, AZ where we stayed the night. Below are photos that share the day.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Nothing beats the morning light in the canyon as you can see from our photos.


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Utah Hwy 12 & 24 and Capitol Reef National Park

We got an early start this morning, seems we can't sleep in past 6 am. Last night we stayed at a small motel in Green River, the Robber's Roost Motel. It was basic, clean, and very comfortable and I can't say as much for the town.

Today was the big day, Utah scenic Hwy 12 ( see the About page). This was THE main reason for coming to Utah.

We headed west on I-70 for a few miles then south on Utah state route 24 towards Hwy 12 in Torrey. 24 runs just east of and along the San Rafael reef. For 45 miles it is thru barren desert and this road has few travelers.






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Arches, Canyons, and the Colorado River

This morning we left Glenwood Springs, Co and headed into Utah to Moab and Arches National Park. We ended up day in Green River Utah. Temperature when we started was a cool 46 degrees and 104 degrees when we arrived in Green River. The best way to describe our trip is with the pictures below.

Today Highlights:

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Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

We are a day late on this post, no WiFi in the motel last night. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, the day went too long, and we had no energy for blogging. We are sitting here in a restaurant in Glenwood Springs, banging out this post on our iPad. We will keep it brief, but lots of pics.

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From the Prairies to the Mountains

Today we traveled from North Platte Nebraska to Loveland Colorado. The day started out cool, around 75 degrees. It remained comfortable until we arrived in Ft. Collins around noon. We saw a high today of 97.

Since we arrived in the Loveland area early, we decided to head for the Mountians.

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Making it cross Nebraska

Today are goal was to get across Nebraska. Forecast was for hot and windy, Nebraska did not disappoint. First half of the day we had wind gusts up to 40 mph, second half the winds died down but the temp soared. We ended the last hour with temps at 108 degrees.

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Today's goal, get across Iowa. We left from Davenport and ended up in Council Bluffs just outside of Omaha. A total of 374 miles. Almost half of that was traveling on back roads. Once we reached Des Moines, we left I-80 heading south on I-35. We exited on Hwy 92, then headed west to Council Bluffs.

We saw some signs for the Amana Colonies so took a side trip to this picturesque German settlement. It was interesting that yesterday we visited the Swedish settlement of Bishop Hill that was founded by people fleeing religious persecution and today visited a settlement founded for the same reasons only by Germans. We declare this a must see stop if you're traveling through Iowa.

What kind of riding day was it?

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