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Getting the Bike Ready

Today we took the bike into Grand Rapids BMW for it’s 24,000 mile servicing. Just a little premature, only have 22,300 miles on it, but better now before the trip. While in the shop we saw this cool chopped up BMW boxer that you see below. Wouldn’t this be the perfect touring bike for Deb in case we give up the 2 Up travel :). Tomorrow our bike should be in tip top condition.

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Getting Started With Blogging

Wow! So much to learn. Today we set up our blog using WordPress. Not too difficult. This is our first time setting up a blog. After a little research, was the way to go. We first selected a theme, found our background picture (a BMW R1200RT like ours), and off we go!

Previously we have shared our motorcycle trips on, which does a fine job, but… we wanted to use our iPad on this trip to update our blog. ┬áNo iPad app for, but we can do this on wordpress!

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