Day 5 – Riding the Blue Ridge

Yesterday’s last stop was in Rocky Mt, VA where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. This destination was approximately 20 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. This morning we found a backroads route to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was some of the most beautiful, windy, country roads we had been on so far. Sometimes you find a gem when you’re not looking for it.

Our route today finds us on the Blue Ridge Parkway most of the day, with the exception of a lunch detour into the small town of Mt. Airy, NC. This is the sleepy small town where Andy Griffith grew up, and he pattern the Andy Griffith show after it.

Our final destination is in the small mountain town Blowing Rock, NC high in the Blue Ridge mountains.


The following are some morning photos from riding the ridge on the Parkway. As you can see, clouds are building, rain is on its way.




Taking a little break from riding (caught her when she turned around).


Here is a short video that shows some of the less aggressive riding the on the Parkway, check it out.

Mabry Mill is a working watermill located at milepost 176 of Blue Ridge Parkway.  Touring the mill was fascinating. I was not aware that these type mills did so many things, from a saw mill, grist mill, running various ‘power’ tools such as a jig saw, a planer, and other tools.




   Around milepost 215,  we stopped at the Blue Ridge Music Center (actually a visitors center) where you can experience live local mountain music.  We stayed long enough to hear a number of tunes from this couple.




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Day 4 – Skyline Drive and Lexington

Today our adventure takes us from Harrisonburg, VA east to the Skyline Drive. The Skyline Drive actually begins in Front Royal, VA, about 60 miles north of where we start on it. For the next 3 days we will be on this mountain top drive including the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Halfway through our ride, we come down from the mountains and take a break in the small town of Lexington. We end up the day in the small mountain town of Rocky Mount, VA.

First order of business this morning is to stop at Blue Ridge Powersports Honda motorcycle dealer to get a waterproof outer jacket for Deb. The people here were great and the prices were really good too. BTW – Debs Joe Rocket jacket was advertised as waterproof and it is not.

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Day 3 – Civil War Battlefields


Our adventure today begins in the historical town of Winchester, Virginia. Winchester sits in the northernmost corner of Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. This area is rife with Civil War history, in fact, the town of Winchester changed hands between the North and South 72 times during the war!

This summer I read a great book called Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson. So this year's adventure also has a theme, 'the Civil War'.

After Winchester, we rode up to the Antietam Battle Field for a quick tour. From there we traveled to Front Royal, took a right turn to the Shenandoah Valley. Down the Shenandoah Valley to Harrisionburg.

The weather today was hot, in the low 90's, with scattered afternoon thunderstorms

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Day 2 – Nothing But Twisties

Our Adventure today starts in New Philadelphia, OH on the scenic route US 250.  We travel south to the Wheeling, WV area. Once in WV, we take route US 250 to Fairmont, WV.  Nearly, 75 miles of winding mountain roads where there is less than a handful of places (in the entire stretch) where you can pass.  Just south of Fairmont we pick up US 50 headed West to our destination in Winchester, VA.  Nearly the whole day was tight windy mountains roads, my kind of motorcycle riding 😀.

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Day 1 – Transportation, Point A to B

Sometime you have to do a little driving before the adventure begins.  Today was about getting out of Michigan and most of Ohio, transportation day .  Our route begins at home and ends up in New Philadelphia, OH.  Almost a straight line from point A to B.

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Ride Through Michigan Amish Country

Deb and I returned home from our 15 day adventure trip to Nova Scotia, just 2 weeks ago.  Already we were longing for another riding adventure and savoring the memories of Nova Scotia.  This Labor Day weekend we decided to take advantage of the extra day off and take a ride north through what I will call our local Amish country.

Did you know that Michigan is home to the sixth largest Amish population, approximately 11,000?  Michigan’s 86 Amish church districts are scattered over 35 settlements, from Hillsdale and Branch Counties in the south, to Mackinac County in the Upper Peninsula.  The Amish community that we visited this day is shown in the route map below (primarily contained within the square).

Our route for this trip.  Approximately 130 miles.

Amish Country Route

We woke up to this Saturday with the forecast of partly cloudy with a high in the mid 80’s, sounded like perfect riding weather. We did not have a specific route in mind when we left only that we wanted to head up Meyers Lake road, go north to Morley, MI area.

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Day 13 – Up to Quebec!

This was a day of adventure, mishap that became a blessing. Our planned route is shown below. Destination, Cornwall, Ontario Canada. It was to be a long day with a planned 319 miles. Starting out going thru some mountains in Maine, duck back into Quebec for a while heading west. Then finally into Ontario.

Well that was the plan. But the plan went awry when I decided that I did not need to use the GPS for the first half of the day. All we had to do was head up scenic Rt. 201 north and take a left into Quebec. So we headed up Rt. 201 (which we should have turned left somewhere within the first 20 miles). After about 2 hours, I thought I should check the GPS. Well I found out that we were on the wrong route for most of the 2 hours. Whoops!

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Day 12 – Back in the USA for One Day

Now starts the ride back home to Michigan.When I was a child the trip to Grandma’s house was always more exciting than the trip home, and so can the ride home be over multiple days, if we let it. We try to find adventure in even these return days. This day we find ourselves leaving Sussex, New Brunswick Canada heading back into the USA. Actually into Maine. Our days destination is a small motel in Skowhegan, Maine. Our route is shown in the map below.

We started with a gourmet breakfast at the Jonah Place B&B in Sussex. Our hosts were Deborah & Phil Sellars. This was one of the most elegant B&B’s that we stayed at.

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Day 11 – Our Last Day in Nova Scotia

This is our last day in Nova Scotia. In a way we’re sad that we have to leave but excited about what this day will bring. We start the day at Back in Thyme B&B with a wonderful breakfast that Jeff, our host, made.

As you can see everything was wonderfully decorated. Here’s a photo of our room.

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Day 10 – Off to Sheet Habour, on the Halifax East Shore

This morning we packed up and left Vespers By The Sea B&B, where we have stayed for the past two nights. We hate to leave, this is such a relaxing place to be, on the sea shore. As I’ve said in a previous post, the B&B was once the Sisters of Charity Convent here in Glacé Bay. It appears that the interior and exterior has been restored keeping as much as possible to the original. Here are some photos of some of the common rooms.

The Breakfast Room


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